NSG Group boosts its output upgrading of Sandomierz based manufacturing plant

British Glass welcomes the announcement from government to assist businesses, including the glass industry, with the ongoing energy crisis for an initial six months.

A decision to open Pilkington IGP's new glass processing plant was based on growing demand for glass and insulating glass units. The investment will result in the creation of new jobs, shorter lead times and enhanced production capacity. 

The new project is first and foremost the Company's response to the ever-growing demand for glass in the domestic market. The needs are growing, and the orders include more and more extensive batches of insulating glass units.

This is related not only to the enhanced use of glass in architecture, but also to the interest in the new functionality of glazing, which responds to the needs of consumers – corporate and retail customers. The higher volume of orders implies that scheduled lead times are longer and longer, and the orders not included in the plan stand a little chance of being fulfilled, due to production capacity constraints.

For the purposes of facility development, the purchase of specialized machinery and equipment has been planned, including two manufacturing lines for insulating glass units, glass cutting tables, scissor lifts, manipulators, benders, overhead cranes etc.

They will be installed in a production hall with the floor area of approximately 5,250 sqm. Additionally, the project provides for almost 1,000 sqm of office, social and warehousing space.

The expansion and modernization will be carried using a phased-out approach. To begin with, the old overhead cranes need to be disassembled, the roof insulated, LED lighting installed, the walls cleaned, and the structure vacuumed. Only then will it be time to install the new equipment. The production launch date is scheduled for May 2023.