About us

As the representative body for the UK industry, British Glass communicates the glass sector’s values and interests to secure a thriving and sustainable future.

We do this by:

  • providing honest, intelligent and evidence-based advice
  • fostering collaboration and innovation
  • helping our members to work constructively with stakeholders from government and other industries.

Our membership includes companies from across the full glass supply chain.

How we work

Member dialogue – Our work is directed by constant communication with our members, often through our committees, meetings and events. See our work areas for an overview.

Industry forums – British Glass’ own subject experts and policy advisers take part in stakeholder groups and industry forums. See which groups we’re active in.

Government links – We are in regular dialogue with parliamentarians, civil servants, MPs and policy makers to ensure that when decisions are made that affect glass manufacturing, they’re based on sound facts and an appreciation of how the glass industry is able to contribute to our economy and society.

Partnership – We believe the best solutions come from listening to different perspectives – so we’re always looking for opportunities to work and learn in partnership. For example, we’ve worked on a project with Leeds City Council and Marks & Spencer to promote household glass recycling and are part of FISSAC, a large pan-European project working to increase recycling glass from the building and demolition sector.

Consultancy – Our technical expertise, unrivalled access to market information and input from the full supply chain mean we’re perfectly placed to see the bigger picture and know how to answer difficult questions. So if you’ve a project that needs expert input on glass, contact us to see how we can help.

Groups we sit on

We work with stakeholders from across industry to see the bigger picture, identify important changes and channel the right information to the people who need it.

British Glass has expert representatives sitting on and working with key groups including...