Environment & Energy Committee

The British Glass Environment and Energy Committee works to make the UK glass industry sustainable and competitive for the future.

The committee, which meets three times a year, is made up of representatives from across the British Glass membership, supported by British Glass subject experts. It proactively addresses policy, regulatory and legislative matters as well as technical innovation.

Examples of current work include... 

Implementing industrial waste heat recovery 

Waste heat recovery is one of the most promising prospects for reducing the CO2 footprint of glass manufacturing. British Glass has been actively pressing our industry’s case with government to secure funding that will help glass manufacturers carry out feasibility studies and technology acceleration – and programmes are now beginning. We’ve also held workshops to bring the industry stakeholders together to explore technological options and how to build the evidence and business case for adoption. 

Can you help?  
If you have case studies or examples of waste heat recovery projects that are directly relevant to glass manufacture, or if you just want to find out more about our work in their area, email information@britglass.co.uk 


Recycling building glass

We’re exploring how the refurbishment and demolition supply chains could recycle more flat glass. It’s part of the €9million European FISSAC project to create economically viable sources of raw materials from industrial and construction waste. Although glass can be recycled back to glass infinitely, most refurbishment and demolition glass waste currently – if it avoids landfill – ends up as aggregate in roads. Far more energy and CO2 would be saved if this glass was melted to make new glass, and demand from glass manufacturers is high. Find out more...

Can you help?
If you have an example of successful building glass recycling, suggestions from your own experience, or if you just want to find out more about this research you can email information@britglass.co.uk