Although glass can be recycled back to glass indefinitely, most glazing, refurbishment and demolition glass waste currently ends up as aggregate – if it manages to avoid landfill. We want to see this glass re-melted to make new glass products because this would save more energy and carbon dioxide emissions.

The UK flat glass industry is committed to improving the circularity of flat glass and achieving net zero. Working with our members, we are determined to improve recycling rates for flat glass and eliminate unnecessary waste to landfill.

Here our flat glass manufacturers explain the importance of circular economy. 

How to recycle flat glass

This signposting guide has been produced to help households and businesses find the best way to dispose of flat glass for recycling.



If you would like information or assistance on flat glass recycling, please contact:

The flat glass recycling video was funded by FISSAC. The FISSAC project worked to increase the recycling of construction waste by partnering with the manufacturing, demolition and construction sectors to trial the use of secondary raw materials made from glass, ceramic, slags, stone, rubber, plastic and wood wastes. The FISSAC project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no 642154. Find out more at


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