British Glass response to announcement of deposit return scheme consultation

Recycling Bottles

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has today announced that a deposit return scheme to increase recycling rates and slash polluting waste will be introduced later this year – subject to consultation.

Commenting on the announcement, British Glass Senior Policy Adviser Debra Huntington said:

“Glass is 100% and endlessly recyclable with no loss of quality – it should always be recycled back into new glass.

“British Glass welcomes the opportunity to examine how existing glass recycling systems might work with any proposed deposit return schemes, because glass is already widely and extensively recycled. Our concern is that any scheme for glass bottles is appropriate to how and where we all use glass packaging – and actually improves, rather than undermining, the existing glass recycling infrastructure.

“Glass packaging manufacturers already use a significant amount of recycled glass in their production: it reduces energy use and CO2 emissions; it also helps in the process of glass melting and forming. British Glass is continually working with its members – and colleagues across the glass packaging supply chain – to improve quality and quantity of glass that comes back to manufacturers for recycling.”


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