Other useful organisations

If you work in or with the glass industry, you may find these organisations useful.


A European organisation of industry experts that produces technical reference documentation, pre-standards and best practice guides to achieve quality standards in the bottling industry.


Energy Intensive User Group (EIUG)

Represents the interests of large manufacturing energy users in the UK.


A federation of European manufacturers of glass containers and machine-made glass tableware; members produce over 20 million tonnes of glass per year.


Friends of Glass

A European consumer forum that promotes the benefits of glass packaging for health, taste and the environment. Its activities in the UK are run by British Glass, with input from its members. 


Glass Alliance Europe (GAE)

The European alliance of glass industries working on common issues. It is composed of 19 national glass associations covering the glass sectors: container, flat, domestic, continuous filament, fibre and special glass.


Glass for Europe (GfE)

Represents the flat glass industries in Europe.


Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF)

The representative body for companies that make, supply or fit, glass and glazing products.



Represents the European glass fibre producers, APFE (Association des Producteurs de Fibres de Verre Européens), and promotes the positive contributions of glass fibre to society.


Glazing Supply Chain Group

Represents the glazing industry supply chain and act as the collective voice of the industry to government.



Industry council for research on packaging and the environment.


Innnovate UK

The UK's innovation agency, it is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.


International Commission on Glass (ICG)

A not-for-profit glass society comprising 33 national organisations in glass science and technology. It organises technical work (eg laboratory round robins, comparative studies, topical meetings), compiles information on glass (eg publishing scientific and technical papers) and shares knowledge on glass in advanced educational courses and workshops.


Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Innovate UK's networking partner, it connects people to accelerate innovation.


Major Energy Users Council (MEUC)

Represents the interests of large UK energy users. Keep members up to date on the energy and water markets and customer compliance through information, advice, training and meetings.



The European Network for Silica represents 15 industry sectors and over 2 million employees that work with crystalline silica sand and promote its safe handling.


Society of Glass Technology

A not-for-profit organisation serving a worldwide membership, publishes journals, organises meetings on glass related topics and coordinates special interest groups and technical committees.



A charity that works with businesses, individuals and communities to achieve a circular economy through helping them reduce waste and use resources in an efficient way.


Zero Waste Scotland

Work in resource efficiency to create a society where resources are valued and nothing is wasted. Activities include gathering evidence and informing policy, and motivating practical behaviour change in individuals and organisations. It also makes direct interventions to affect change, commonly in the form of finance, business support, technical advice, training and competence development.



Eurima is the European Insulation Manufacturers Association, representing the interests of all major european mineral wool insulation producers. 



Themineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association (MIMA) provides an authoritative of independent information and advice on glass and stone wool.