Glass industry gather at the House of Lords


Even the sun turned out for the glass industry gathering at the House of Lords last week (23 March) to celebrate the International Year of Glass together with Glass Futures and British Glass in support of the Glass Seller’s Charity Fund and its educational work.

The event began with a Champagne reception attended by Lords and MPs as well as a rich representation from the glass manufacturing, supply and research community. Over lunch several prestigious speakers, introduced by Richard Katz, Chief Executive at Glass Futures spoke about their passion for the future of glass.  

The Lord David Prior of Brampton, Chairman of NHS England, celebrated the ambitious vision of the glass sector which brought about the Glass Futures project. Lee Rowley MP spoke in support of the industry and invited further engagement. Lord Karan Bilimoria, president of the CBI and founder of Cobra Beer told of his experiences of glass and about coming together to overcome challenges. 

Alicia Duran then spoke about the immense potential of glass and the importance of its recognition by the UN in the International Year of Glass. Leigh Baildham, Chairman of charity fund trustees at the Glass Sellers thanked everyone for their contributions and shared how the fund had just launched a new STEM based educational resource for schools called ‘bring glass back into classroom’.  

Dave Dalton reflected on the exciting journey to date and the current global situation that threatens the viability of UK glass manufacturing and fielded questions from the floor on the way forward for glass.

Jenni Richards, Federation Manager at British Glass was in attendance and said

“It was fantastic to see so many of our members, friends and the wider industry turn out to celebrate glass and the vision for glass in our sustainable future. 

“Our job now is to come together to make that vision a reality.”

Dave Dalton, CEO at British Glass said

“It was an honour and a privilege to both attend and speak at the House of Lords reception celebrating glass in the 2022 International Year of Glass programme and in celebration of the achievements the industry has made on carbon reduction and process technology efficiency improvements.  

“Parliamentarians and dignitaries gathered to celebrate both what has been done already, but more importantly the continuing work of sector through British Glass, Glass Futures and Glass Technology Services, driving the agenda for all foundation sector industries and for UK manufacturing excellence.”