British Glass welcomes government's energy security strategy but manufacturers need further support

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British Glass welcomes the announcements within the government’s energy security strategy but the support falls short of what UK energy users need right now.

Long and medium-term measures such as nuclear, solar and wind that will decarbonise UK industry are positively received, provided that the UK Government can ensure they do not further exacerbate electricity costs in the short term.

As too, are the announcements on extending and increasing the EII compensation scheme, although it is still unclear as to which sectors will be eligible.

It also should be noted that these compensations for energy intensive users don’t go as far as the package already proposed by the EU Commission (temporary crisis framework), risking further UK disadvantage.

Commenting on the energy security strategy, British Glass CEO Dave Dalton said:

“The energy security strategy is welcome in terms of the medium to long term solutions, but it does not address the issues that the energy intensive users are facing following the increase in wholesale energy costs since last autumn.

“It is critical that glass is included in the EII compensation scheme to alleviate some of the current pressures on manufacturers in the UK.”