British Glass CEO responds to vaccine supply concerns

British Glass CEO Dave Dalton responds to vaccine supply chain concerns

Dave Dalton comments:

"It has become apparent that despite the media conjecture of vaccine supply and the fear of a shortage of storage vials, the UK has performed admirably in getting ahead of the world in delivering vaccinations and remains on target to vaccinated more than 95% of the most vulnerable by the end of February.

"This is fantastic news and a testimony to the preparation of the whole supply chain and the foresight and planning in collaboration across the supply-chain. The fact that both the EU and the WHO have chosen to comment and request help from the UK in slowing down our efforts to support those countries less well-prepared attests to this to.

"Though the UK still does not have the borosilicate glass manufacturing facilities to provide for the need, deals made by UK Government and pharmaceutical companies have secured our situation and provided fully to our needs.

"We continue to work with Government and the whole supply-chain to put in place facilities in the longer-term to address changes to future needs too and have every confidence that Britain will be amongst the first nations in the developed world to emerge from this pandemic and start upon the road to recovery."

Whilst the situation continues to develop, British Glass will provide an update weekly.

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Last updated: 4 February 2021.